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Generally speaking, a relic is anything left over from before you were alive.  For instance, to my children, I am a relic.  Antiquities are things from so long ago that you can't figure out how many generations it's been.  But seriously folks, what I'm going to try to sell here are objects handmade by humans "a long time ago."  In this section will be found prehistoric artifacts, "native" manufactures from all over the world, "primitive" or "traditional" money items, and other things from the pre-electronic cultures.

I do not sell things that are obviously grave robbed and chunks of sculpture and buildings that could conceivably have been busted off of an intact object for the express purpose of selling on the antiquities market.  I try to stick to whole small objects, preferably with site data.  Almost everything "ancient" that I have does not come with official papers.  Almost all of it, except for Pakistan and China, did not come to me from the country of origin, but rather from "old" collections.  The Pakistan & China stuff came before the inception of the current restrictions.


Relics inventory

WEST AFRICAN iron currency items
WEST AFRICA, bronze & brass bracelets
WEST AFRICA, manillas

ALGERIA, Neolithic flint arrowheads
ARROWHEADS from ancient Bulgaria, Iran, and Rome
AUSTRALIA, Aboriginal stone tools

BELGIUM, Neanderthal stone tool sold
BOLIVIA, ground stone axe
BULGARIA, copper axes and a dagger, c. 4000-3500 BC sold
BULGARIA, Bronze Age knives, c. 2000 BC
BULGARIA, Bronze Age dagger, sickle, and spearpoint, c. 1000 BC sold
BULGARIA, Celtic La Tene culture bronze artifacts, 2nd century BC
BULGARIA, Greco-Macedonian gold votive olive leaves sold
BULGARIA?, ancient and medieval iron arrowheads sold
CAMBODIA, Khmer bronze & silver things

CHINA, weapons & tools
CHINA, neolithic stone arrows & tools
CHINA, ancient bronze halberds sold
CHINA, ancient bronze and iron axes sold
CHINA, ancient bronze spearheads
CHINA, ancient bronze crossbow mechanisms
CHINA, bronze and iron arrowheads
CHINA, ancient bronze knives sold
CHINA, ancient bronze daggers & swords sold
CHINA, ancient bronze armor scales sold
CHINA, miscellaneous weapons sold
CHINA, ancient bronze hooks
CHINA, horse related objects
CHINA, ancient bronze horse tack and ornaments
CHINA, ancient bronze chariot parasol spoke ends
CHINA, household objects
CHINA, Han dynasty "spirit mountain" incense burner sold
CHINA, ancient bronze cups, spoons, ornaments
CHINA, personal items, jewelry
CHINA, ancient beads, spindle whorls, pendants, etc.
CHINA, ancient bronze belthooks
CHINA, bronze mirrors
CHINA, stone & bronze seals sold
CHINA, personal adornment
CHINA, miscellaneous
CHINA, ancient bronze things that might be ornaments or might be money
CHINA, amulets, including old ones and silver specimens
CHINA, ancient clay "Hell" money
CHINA, bronze and iron weights
CHINA, jade & other stone objects
CHINA, pottery sold
CHINA, miscellaneous antique objects

COLOMBIA, copper axe or axe-money sold
CONGO, copper Katanga crosses, big & small sold
COSTA RICA, precolumbian tripod bowl
DENMARK, prehistoric stone tools sold
ECUADOR, Chillanes culture, c. 800-1534, copper sold
ECUADOR, ManteƱo culture, c. 800-1534, copper axes, etc. sold
ECUADOR, Puruha culture, c. 1300-1500, ground and polished stone axes
ECUADOR, Puruha culture, c. 1300-1500, ornaments in copper, silver, gold & shell

ENGLAND, NORFOLK, Paleolithic, c. 750,000-250,000 BC, pebble tools sold
ENGLAND, Henbury Pit, Mousterian (Neanderthal), stone tools sold
ENGLAND, Neolithic, c. 4000-2000 BC, lot of 6 flint tools sold
ENGLAND, 16th century knife sold
ETHIOPIA, various artifacts sold

FIJI, tambua sold
FRANCE, pre-abbevillean pebble tools, c. 700-450,000 BC sold
FRANCE, Abbevillean pebble chopper, c. 700-250,000 BC sold
FRANCE, Mousterian (Neanderthal) jasper scrapers, c. 80,000 BC
FRANCE, Mousterian (Neanderthal) stone tools, c. 50,000 BC sold
FRANCE, Dordogne, c 30,000-18,000 BC, split and cut bone fragment sold
GERMANY, Neolithic stone tools sold
GERMANY, Celtic iron "Druid knives," c. 200 BC
GIBRALTAR, Mousterian (Neanderthal) stone tool

HITTITE bronze arrowheads & Baal figurine sold
INDONESIA, JAVA, Neolithic stone axes and adzes sold
INDONESIA, Bronze Age bronze axes
INDONESIA, 1000 year old "Indo-Pacific" glass beads & some carnelians too
INDONESIA, ancient & antique tin and bronze rings
INDONESIA, bronze and lead ring money
INDONESIA, kris knives
IRAN, bronze arrowhead sold
IRAN, old brass seal
IVORY COAST, Senufo brass figure
JUDEA, c. 300-100 BC, bronze spearpoint

KENYA, ostrich egg shell beads sold
LAOS, canoe money
LEBANON, ancient Persian bronze fibulae
LIBYA, Acheulian (homo erectus) stone handaxes, c. 200,000 BC
MALI, Neolithic flint axes and other tools
MALI, Tellem culture, 10-15th c. AD, bronze bracelets & beads sold
MALI, 18-19th century brass bracelets

MEXICO, stone tools
MEXICO, pottery
MEXICO, copper hoe money sold

MOROCCO, Neolithic flint arrowheads sold
NIGER, Neolithic flint axes and other tools
NIGERIA, medieval copper bracelets
NIGERIA, brass "bagulu" bracelets
NIGERIA, brass pipe & cigar holder
NIGERIA, iron knives, hoes, bells

PAKISTAN, bronze axes sold
PAKISTAN, iron axes
PAKISTAN, daggers
PAKISTAN, bronze spearheads
PAKISTAN, bronze short spears
PAKISTAN, iron spear & javelin heads (& butts)
PAKISTAN, ancient and medieval arrowheads
PAKISTAN, horse tack & ornaments
PAKISTAN, antique military miscellany
PAKISTAN, a batch of medieval iron tools
PAKISTAN, clay sculpture
PAKISTAN, stone sculpture
PAKISTAN, bronze bells & ritual objects
PAKISTAN, ancient and medieval seals
PAKISTAN, ancient & medieval metal jewelry
PAKISTAN, ancient & medieval clay, stone, & shell jewelry
PAKISTAN, ancient bronze perfume bottles & lids
PAKISTAN, ancient razors, mirrors, cosmetic palettes, & other toiletry articles
PAKISTAN, ancient bracelets
PAKISTAN, ancient buttons & pins
PAKISTAN, ancient and medieval kohl applicators, etc.
PAKISTAN, cups, bowls, knives, spoons, other food related
PAKISTAN, lamps, inkpots, other vessels
PAKISTAN, Sasanian artifacts from Darel
PAKISTAN, some fake Indus & Greek material

PANAMA, precolumbian terra cotta olla
PAPUA NEW GUINEA, boar tusks sold
PERSIA, bronze arrowhead
PERU, Spanish colonial "Nueva Cadiz" beads sold
ROMAN artifacts sold
SAUDI ARABIA, c. 40,000-10,000 BC, stone tools
SCOTLAND, Iron Age pot sherd sold
SCYTHIAN bronze spearpoint sold
SINGAPORE, Paleolithic stone scraper
SPAIN, ALICANTE, c. 7000-6000 BC, stone tool
SPAIN, Celtic iron spearhead sold
SPANISH COLONIAL, ship's signal cannon sold
SWITZERLAND, Neolithic Lakedwellers, stone points

THAILAND, Paleolithic stone scraper
THAILAND, Shan region, sword sold
THAILAND, Hill Tribes silver jewelry
TIBET, miscellaneous objects
TOGO, holed stones
UKRAINE, ancient & medieval artifacts sold

USA, Arizona, Anasazi potherds
USA, Alabama, stone points
USA, Indiana, stone points
USA, Mississippi, stone points
USA, Missouri, stone points
USA, North Carolina, stone points
USA, Ohio, stone points
USA, Washington, stone point
USA, Euro trade pipe fragment sold


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