NIGERIAN IRON, 19th-early 20th century:
a) NORTHWEST REGION, Hausa, c. 1880-1940, sickle with twisted handle & incised decorations on blade, ~400x170mm (16x7"), used in bride price exchange, $58.00 sold
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ONDO (southeast), Calaba, c. 1900-1940s, iron angled knife used in ceremony & bride price, blade is 60 degrees to handle which has iron ribbon wound at base, incised herringbone decoration,

a) handle 350mm, blade 250mm (14", 10"), $60.00
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b) handle 400 mm, blade 290mm (17', 12") $72.00 (not pictured)

PLATEAU REGION, Ibo, 19-20th c., iron bells,

a) 200x55mm (8x2.25"), hole in handle, $35.00 sold 9/21/2016

b) 180x95mm (7x3.75") $40.00

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