LIBYA, Erg Ubari, Acheulian, c. 500,000-200,000 BC,  handaxes.  These look right, mostly with "desert varnish" (sand polishing) and evidence of use.  Pictures are about 1/3 size, so they're big!  Made and used by homo erectus, formerly generally thought to be a direct ancestor of our species, now I think they think not.

a) bifacial handaxe, 180x100mm, (~7x4") $120.00 sold
b) classic cordiform bifacial handaxe, 115x80mm, $110.00 sold
c) lanceolate thick biface, 145x70mm, $120.00 sold
d) classic cordiform bifacial handaxe, 145x110mm, natural notch in side, $110.00 sold 8/31/2016
e) ovate bifacial handaxe, 150x115mm, $145.00 sold 8/31/2016
f) cordiform bifacial handaxe, 120x85mm, $125.00 only one left
g) cordiform bifacial handaxe, 160x110mm, somewhat elongated, $145.00 sold
h) thick biface with pointed end and unworked base, 130x60mm, actually it should be called a triface! 110.00 sold 12/12/2007
i) cordiform biface, 133x62mm, nice red banding in stone $125.00 sold
j) large bifacial handaxe, 165x105mm, $145.00 sold 2/2/2011

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