IRAN, arrowheads
    On a day-to-day basis there seems to be not a lot of difference in bronze age Eurasian cultures.  That means that from about 2500 BC to about 800 BC, from Greece to Xinjiang, the tool culture was more or less the same.  We assume they spoke lots of different languages, worshipped differently, married differently, inherited differently, etc.  But when it came to warfare, farming, cooking, etc. they did things pretty much the same.

IRNA1) PERSIA, c. 1000-400 BC, pair of bronze triblade socketed arrowheads, 24mm & 36mm long,  these could be from anywhere in Eurasia west of China, but envelope says "Persia," little one VF, big has chipped base, $26.00 sold 12/27/2010
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