Ethiopia, you will recall, is thought to be the original home of the humans, for what that is worth.  It is a very "used" country, has been very set in its ways.  A lot of the people there still do things in old ways, including the government, which functions more as a sort of moldy overgrowth on the people rather than as something useful.  Most things are still done by hand.

EC4) ETHIOPIA, early 20th c., silver cross, 42x88mm, 32g,  "Orthodox" style with circular hanger hinged to top, nicely made, VF $110.00 sold 5/1/2014
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EAB2) ETHIOPIA, it used to be a commonplace for people to make an amulet containing a sacred text and wear it around their neck for protection and luck.  That's what this is, except that there's no text inside the sealed box, nor ever was.  So its an "imitation" amulet, assumed to be made by and/or for people who didn't read.  In another step toward "barbarism," similar things are just plaques, actually two plates with no space between.  Probably late 19th century, definitely not modern (and not silver either!)  The beads are molded imports.  On original greasy string.  $35.00 sold 1/6/2012
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EBC1) ETHIOPIA,18-19th c., brass bracelet, 90x80mm, 24mm wide, 11mm thick, 503g, incised decoration, rectangular cross section, knob ends, probably from southern region near Kenya, VF $65.00 sold
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