These are a perfect example of what is wrong with the relationship between archeologists and the antiquities market.  Several hundred to several thousands of these are on the market in 1999.  They come from "Eastern Europe," no other information available (I think Bulgaria is the best bet).  They are fairly obviously not a hoard of any kind, but rather (most likely) adventitious or metal detector finds over a wide area.  "Probably" they represent the detritus of many battles between many cultures over perhaps a thousand year period.  I wish I had more information to give you.  Even so, better to have the objects available than thrown away as trash, which is what undoubtedly happens to a lot of them.  All descriptions, other than physical details, are guesswork on my part.  If someone has a reference to these please get in touch.

F1. 95mm with socket, probably ancient, 35.00 sold

F2. 61mm, very crude design, possibly ancient or maybe just a local product of an unimaginative blacksmith of any period, 30.00

F3. 88mm, I think that ridiculously short tang is unbroken, 25.00

F4. 122mm, to me feels Islamic, or maybe Greek, 35.00 sold

F5. 131mm, feels medieval, 35.00 sold

F6. 117mm, only one like it in the batch I saw, 35.00 sold

F7. (112mm), F8. (116mm), F9. (95mm), seems obvious that these are from the same culture, if not the same workshop, and my guess is medieval, @ 30.00 each F7, F9 sold

F10. 63mm, same shape but smaller, I don't know 27.00

F11. 74mm, similar in shape to F3 above, 27.00 sold

F12. 88mm, 27.00

F13. 88mm, exceptionally well preserved, 30.00 sold

F14. 114mm, 30.00 sold

I was told by two people that these are Mongol, 13th century.

F15. 114mm, 30.00 sold

F16. 116mm, 30.00 sold

F17. 98mm, 30.00 sold

F18. 118mm, 30.00 sold

F19. 103mm, 30.00 sold

F20. 113mm, 30.00 sold

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