Earliest humans probably arrived around 11,000 years ago and wiped out the megafauna.  By 3000 BC there were were a lot of people, relatively speaking, farming and hunting the smaller animals.  They continued using resources and changing the ecosystem until the Europeans arrived with their machinery and double entry bookeeping.

273-18. USA, NORTH CAROLINA, c. 1000 BC - 1500 AD, stone hafted axe, 160x117x38mm, nicely formed, from Orange Co., few minor shovel marks, minor chip on edge, choice $280.00
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USA, NORTH CAROLINA, eastern region, uncertain date, ground stone axes:
  a) 78x42mm, triangular, crude $25.00 sold

  b) 74x53mm, rounded, one side is incredibly rough and barely worked, other side is nice.  Why did he do this?  $25.00 sold

c) celt or partially made axe, 71x32mm, pecked all over & partially ground, $25.00 sold

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