LAOS, tiger tongues and "canoe money."
   The local name for all of these is "lat."  The general shape was popular in Laos from the 12th to the 19th century through several political entities.  Earliest lats were billon (base silver) and relatively small, then they made them larger and of good silver, and they ended up small again and bronze or brass.

LAOS, LANCHANG, c. 1353-1571, base silver 1/2 tamlung, MN-2783, 3 marks: fish, elephant R, chakra, F $200.00 sold 2/2/2008
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LAOS, VIENTIANE, 1591-1707, silver lat "tiger tongues."
    There is a myth that the marks were created by the struggles of live ants dropped on the molten metal but that of course is utter hooey.  An ant on molten silver would go pft and be gone.  The tamlung is 4 thai baht from when the baht was a weight instead of a currency.

LAOS, VIENTIANE, 1591-1707, silver 1.5 tamlung lat, tiger tongue, 3x Na (snake) marks, 100g, VF $120.00 sold
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c) 2 tamlung, MN-3002 var., no marks, unusual expanded center & bulbous ends, 113g, VF $125.00 sold

d) 1.5 tamlung, MN-nl, 3 elephant marks, 101g, G-VG $150.00 sold 2/2/2008
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