BC Ukraine had paleolithic and neolithic cultures.  From the late bronze age the "native" farmers began to be bothered by horse nomads: Sarmatians, Scythians, Celts, Huns, etc.  On the Black Sea coast were Greek and then Roman colonies, during which came Goths, Avars, Huns, then Slavs, Arabs, Turks, Mongols.  A rich mix, often not so easy to decide which culture made a given artifact.


UKRF1) UKRAINE, ROMAN-BYZANTINE, etc., c. 200-800 AD, fibula fragments, 35-40mm, 2 bronze, 1 iron, corroded, $16.00 sold
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UKRE1) UKRAINE, GOTHIC or PRE-CHRISTIAN SLAV, c. 400-1000 AD, pair of silver earring fragments, 15x20 & 16x19mm, filagree, $31.00 sold
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UKRB1) UKRAINE, c. 300 BC-1000 AD?, bronze dangle beads, smallest is 12mm tall & solid, the rest hollow, largest 49mm tall, 6 pieces, flaws, dents, etc., $18.50 sold
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UKRK1) UKRAINE, c. 500-1200 AD, buckles, 15-30mm, most bronze, a few iron, various types, some decorated, 11 pieces, G-VG $38.50 sold 9/14/2008
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UKRR1) UKRAINE, hard to tell time frame on these, say 2000 BC - 1600 AD, bronze rings:
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a)  fragment with a setting for a stone, 11x12mm, corroded piece of junk $1.00 sold
b)  fragment with face on which is an incised flower, 10x12mm, G $3.00 sold
c)  nicely modelled ring, probably a stone was glued to the face, 19mm i.d, nice black patina, F $15.00 sold
d)  fancy cast arabesque pattern, 16mm dia., one end broken & ring was crudely rebent, VG $7.00 sold
e)  flanges to hold stone & minimal decoration, 18mm dia., corroded, aG $3.50 sold
f)  face is a crudely filed flat surface, 18x13mm, VG $7.00 sold
g)  "design" of depressed circles, 20mm, corroded $5.00 sold

UKRO1) UKRAINE, c. 6th-.13th c. AD, ornament lot, 33x25mm bronze plaque, 12mm bronze button, glass bead (or pearl?) in 13mm tin(?) plaque, 42mm long iron doodad, corroded, broken, $15.00 sold
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