"Thrace" is northern Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, etc.  The ancient Thracians were considered barbarians by highfalutin Greeks, but they were pretty much neck and neck in the culture game.  Greeks did seafaring, which evidently Thracians were not partial to, but Thracians were famous as horse people and they were not too shabby in architecture either.  Everything is more complicated when you look at it more closely.

THRACE?, c. 1000-500 BC, bronze arrowhead, 31x12mm, socketed triblade, looks like a normal Eurasian point of the period, could be from anywhere "there," attribution from the flip, minor chips, $20.00 12/15/2008 sold
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THRACE, MAKEDONIAN-GREEK, c. 700-300 BC, gold olive leaves, central ridge, folded stem, votive or acclamatory,
 a) 86x15mm, 2.3g, $180.00 sold
 b) 76x15mm, 1.9g, $155.00 sold
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