MEXICO, stone tools
    As we can see, there was a unitary neolithic stone industry all over the world.  Wherever you find these things they look more or less the same.  Form dictates function?  Or were people travelling all over, bringing their ideas with them?

MEXICO, Chihuahua, Casas Grandes culture, 1250 and before, dart points
 a) 33x16mm grey flint, side notched $9.50 sold
 b) 35x16mm maroon flint $12.50 sold
 c) 34x16mm tan flint $9.50 sold
 d) 18x12mm blue flint, serrated, $15.00 sold
 e) 14x11mm obsidian $12.50
 f) 29x16mm obsidian, notched, needle point $15.00 sold
 g) 13x15mm obsidian, unnotched $10.00
 h) 21x15mm brown flint, triangular, notched, crude $8.00
 i) 22x14mm obsidian $11.00 sold 12/18/2012

MAX1) MEXICO, c. 200 BC - 1000 AD?, ground stone axe, 142x70mm, smoothly conical, curved blade, from Uxmal, Yucatan, blade slightly chipped from use, $155.00
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