NIGERIA, Hausa (mostly), 18-19th c., copper & brass "bagulu" bracelets:

NIB8) NIGERIA, probably southeastern region, Hausa, 18-19th c., bronze bracelet, 92mm o.d., 56mm i.d., 22mm thick, 580g, 3/4 of it with twisted rope design, 1/4 smooth, VF $53.00 sold 8/25/2009
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NIB7) brass ring bracelet,  108mm dia., 17mm thick, circular cross section, decorated with 3 cast-in plaques of plaited basketwork pattern, nice VF $53.00 sold
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a1) 65mm diameter copper $25.00 sold 8/25/2009

a2) 58mm diameter brass with copper rings $25.00

b1) 60mm diameter brass, decorations all over $30.00 sold

b2) 81mm diameter brass $30.00 sold 8/25/2009

b3) 81mm diameter bronze $30.00 sold

b4) 77mm diameter bronze $30.00 sold 8/25/2009

b5) 85mm diameter brass $30.00 sold

b7) 82mm brass $30.00 sold

c1)  82mm diameter brass $30.00

c2)  81mm diameter bronze $30.00 sold

c3) 78mm diameter brass $30.00 sold

c5) 78mm diameter brass, undecorated $30.00 sold 8/25/2009

e3) 115mm brass shell over clay $45.00 sold

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