PAKISTAN, stone sculpture

PSP4) GREEK (probably), c. 300-100 BC), schist medallion, 152mm diameter, high relief, bearded guy, draped in thinnest possible garment hiding nothing, standing facing, head  turned 1/4 L, holding cup in L hand, kneeling before him a beardless androgynous figure, draped, R hand on guy's R leg, head turned up to look at him.  So, erotic but not X-rated.  Lotus background, curved back.  Chipped edge from 1:00-2:30, otherwise very choice, $2200.00 sold
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PSL1) KUSHAN, c. 100-400 AD, stone lamp, 114x87x27mm, heart shaped dish with 3 lotus buds at sides & base, from Barikot, Swat, light chipping here & there, $95.00 sold 4/15/2011
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PSH6) KUSHAN, c. 100-400 AD, head of a beardless boddhistva, 110x78mm, gray schist, from Gunyar, NWF, nose & topknot are significantly bashed, minor chipping of hair, otherwise quite nice, $650.00 sold 8/6/2009
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