CHINA, horse tack and ornaments
    Probably the Chinese had learned to ride horses as early as anyone.  We know that they were riding during Shang, say 1500 BC, and maybe earlier.  Well, horses need equipment, and metal is very convenient for some of it.  They also look great all dressed up in doodads.

CHBT2) CHINA, ZHOU-HAN?, c. 1000 BC - 100 AD, bronze horse bit,  122x23x8mm, rod with holes at ends, original was 2 or 3 pieces, this is only one, nicely formed, VF $31.00 sold 4/16/2009
Click picture for enlargement.

CGSH3) CHINA,ZHOU dynasty, c. 1000-250 BC, bronze goshi buttons, 39mm, lightly domed, bar on back, F $26.50 each d & e sold 12/2007
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CJF1) CHINA, E. HAN?, c. 25-200 AD, ~135mm long, with 2 loops on back,
 a) F $40.00 sold
 b) few chips, F $35.00 sold
 c) mirror image, F $40.00 sold

CHJ1) CHINA, HAN?, c. 200 BC - 200 AD, white metal cord joiner, tubular "Y" shape, 20x25x10mm, small casting hole, VF $16.00 a is sold
Click picture for enlargement.

CHT1) CHINA, Late ZHOU-HAN, before 200 AD, a buckle for horse tack, 41x35x12mm, 18.7g, F $21.00 sold 11/29/2013
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CHT2) CHINA, ZHOU-HAN, c. 400 BC - 200 AD, 47mm round bronze saddle fitting, a triple swirl design on the face, or maybe for a chariot, tiny natural casting hole, F 29.00
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CHO1) CHINA, pair of round bronze things: 38mm concave & 34mm convex with loops on back, I used to think they're a pair of small cymbals, c. 200 BC-1500 AD?, then I thought they're horse "jewelry," then I thought ancient armor scales, c. 500 BC, now I'm back to the horses. Small edge chip on one, otherwise F $15.00 sold 6/15/2011

CHO6) CHINA, HAN Dynasty?, c. 200 BC-200 AD, set of 4 round bronze buttons, ~31mm, mildly domed, bar on back, probably horse ornaments, F $36.00
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CHGS1) CHINA, 18th c?, brass goshi horse ornament, 48mm brass button with triskeles motif, black inlay, G $20.00 sold
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