MEXICO, copper "hoe money"
    There are equivocal mentions of these things in the early Spanish records that state that they were traded at such and such a rate against the real.  No records, however, describe their use before the conquest.  They were not used by the Aztecs.  They have been found in sufficient quantity, especially the Guerrero type, to make tenable a designation as a money item.  The several different types may or may not be conceptually or economically related.  Items similar to the more robust pieces are found in South America.

MEXICO, GUERRERO-MICHOACAN, Post-classic "Tarascan," c. 1250-1540 AD, copper-arsenic alloy "tajadera" hoe money, 195x76mm, bit of chipping on "blade" end, $55.00 sold
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OAXACA, Post-classic "Tarascan," c. 1250-1540 AD, "tajadera" hoe money, 42x23mm, sides of handle raised into ridges, $40.00 sold

OAXACA, copper "mushroom slice" hoe money, 108x120mm, choice VF $75.00 sold

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