PAKISTAN, military miscellany
    On this page I will put military themed or related objects until enough of some type of thing accumulates to give them their own page.

PMX16) GREEK-SCYTHIAN?, c. 300-50 BC, bronze miniature sword, 58mm long, possibly a salai (kohl pick), unknown location in NWF, aVF $70.00
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P23) ISLAMIC, c. 1000-1300 AD, bronze lion standard, 51mm tall x 15mm wide, forepart of animal with projecting tongue in back.  It was attached to a stick and served to identify the bearer.  The lion was the symbol of the Khwarezmshah, so we may attempt to attribute it to his army.  From Udigram, NWF, VF $45.00 sold
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A second opinion: this is a decorative foot for a chair, c. 1800-1900.

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