CHINA, jade and other stone,

CHJ3) CHINA, jade cicada, 49x16mm, mutton fat color, nicely made old (whatever that means - I'm thinking 17-18th century) piece, VF $250.00 sold 4/7/2009
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CHJ2) CHINA, c. 1850-1920s, jade pipe mouthpieces or cigarette holders.
 a) 88x17mm, $21.00 sold
 b) 56x15mm, $26.00
 c) 53x14mm, $16.00 sold
 d) 42x17mm, roughly hexagonal, $26.00
 e) 42x17mm, $16.00 sold
 f) 62x15mm, $16.00  sold
 g) 57x16mm, $26.00
 h) 53x15mm, $16.00 sold
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   The prices on the items marked "sold" were from 2004.  In 2008 I have to raise the prices.  Perhaps in 2009 I'll have to lower them again.  We'll see.

CJP1) CHINA, unknown period, jade plaques, "for ornament on dress," roughly rectangular, 4 single-drilled holes in corners & bevelled edges, wide side polished, narrow side rough, mottled gray color, 33x24mm, 30x26mm, 34x30mm, lot of 3, VF $35.00 sold
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CSB1) CHINA, stone parrot, 61x25x18mm, highly polished mottled gray & pink stone, not quite hard as jade, ancient style, but probably not ancient (nor modern, maybe c. 1900), VF $65.00 sold 6/18/2013
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