INDONESIA, JAVA, kris (keris):

a) "kulit semangha," blade has a fine & bold water pattern, gold plated beaded ferrule, lightly decorated handle, scabbard hilt shaped like a boat, finely patterned grain, highly polished, the brass sheath has "watermelon leaf" decoration & Javanese #19. Scabbard sheath is slightly separated from scabbard in one spot, has small hole at tip, & small dent, otherwise excellent.  Handle is a replacement, wooden part of scabbard is either restored or new, blade is superior. $300.00 sold

b) blade has a less impressive water pattern, beaded brass ferrule, decorated handle may be a replacement, old scabbard has nice grain pattern, brass sheath has a nice foliar pieced work applique, few dents in scabbard sheath, blade is slightly crude, small crack in handle, $250.00

c) blade has simple water pattern, beaded ferrule, decorated handle, simple wooden scabbard with plain brass sheath, no problems, $175.00 sold

EAST JAVA or MADURA, old one with curved blade, decorated original ebony handle, simple ebony scabbard, not your typical kris, all original, obviously used, 160.00 sold

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