The Hittites were a major empire with an advanced bureaucratic structure and moderately enlightened social policy for their time.  By this I mean that they kept good records, attempted to maintain communication with their provinces, and had an ethnic and religious "live and let live" ethos.  Compare this with the "deport and depopulate" policy of their neighbors the Assyrians.  They lasted a long time, at least 700 years, before they were conquered by the Persians.  They are not well known today, I think because their art and architecture was pretty crude.

TURKEY, HITTITE (?), c. 1000 BC, bronze arrowheads, from eastern Anatolia, collected c. 1955:

a) 113mm, leaf shape, edges a bit chipped, $45.00 sold

b) 97mm, triangular point, very light chipping on one edge, $45.00 sold

c) 73mm, squat, slightly eccentric rhomboid blade, nice, $40.00 sold

SYRIA (southern), Syro-Hittite, c. 2100-1800 BC, terra cotta diety figure, 140mm tall, 43mm wide, big nose, goggle eyes, conical hat, outstretched stubs representing arms, nicely repaired in 3 places, pretty nice overall, $145.00 sold 12/27/2010

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