232-06) INDONESIA, JAVA, c. 100 BC?, bronze split ring, 65mm o.d., 50mm i.d., 56.5g, round cross section, a pair of bronze rats have been glued on near the terminals, crusty green patina, VG $30.00
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a) c. 1000 AD, cast tin, shaped like a segmented worm, 17mm, 2.4g, VG $16.00 sold

b) c. 1000 AD?, cast tin, decorated like thick reeding, 18mm, 14g, VG $10.00 sold

c) c. 1000 AD?, cast tin, design like set stones, 16mm, 1g, VG $12.00

d) c. 1500 AD?, wrought tin, raised reeding, 2 halves joined together, 15mm, 1g, F $9.00

e) c. 1500 AD?, cast bronze, imitation shaped wire design, 16mm, 1.3g, F $13.00

f) c. 1600 AD?, cast bronze, cabachon shape, 17mm, 4.5g, F $12.00

g) c. 1700 or later?, cast brass, diamond shaped lozenge with letter, 22mm, 3.7g, VG $10.00 sold

h) c. 1700 or later?, brass wire with tapered ends arranged in a triple coil, 24mm, 9.8g, VF $12.50

i) c. 1899 or later?, cast brass floral motif & ring brazed together, 30mm, 12.3g, crude VF $12.50

 j) date?, lot of 7 rings of twisted wire.  4 brass, 3 bronze.  On most of them the wire is bent into a symmetrical design.  One of them is quite fine.  14-25mm, 0.6-4.4g, the lot $86.50

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