CHINA, bronze mao spearheads:

CM17) CHINA, SHANG Dynasty, c. 1200 BC, bronze mao spearhead, 129mm long, rhomboid cross section, straight blades, triangular depression on spine each side, ~Yang Hong color fig. 7, stub of wooden shaft with binding cloth in socket! Small corroded spot, F $150.00 sold
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CM32) CHINA, E. ZHOU, 771-256 BC, bronze mao spearhead, v. Yang Hong, p. 92,  220x67mm, leaf shaped, hole in shaft for locking nail, 3 lines of decoration near base, crusty F $235.00 sold 10/13/2008
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CM31) CHINA, Late Warring States-Qin, c. 350-200 BC, bronze mao spearhead, 224x34mm (8.9x1.35"), 135g, leaf shaped on solid socket, nail holes, heavily cleaned, F $235.00 sold 11/8/2007
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CM30) CHINA, EASTERN ZHOU, 771-256 BC, bronze mao spearhead, like Yang Hong fig 140 (right),  170mm long, had been extensively repaired & worked on, they made it into a make believe Western Zhou piece with fake lateral binding loops, base of socket was mostly fill material.  Now the base is smashed, the pieces included for you to play with. $35.00
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CM11) CHINA, SONG Dynasty, 960-1280, bronze spearhead in ancient style, 178mm, 101g, 2 loops, point hollow & with Zhou-like decoration.  For guards or pageantry, not a war weapon.  Socket squashed flat, couple of casting holes, F $67.00 sold 5/3/2011
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    During the Song era a fad for antiquity developed and endured for about two centuries.  Old Zhou stuff was copied for decoration.  Artificial patination techniques were developed to simulate age.  Now the 1000 year old fake antiques are valuable antiques in their own right.

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