TOGO, Lome region, 19th c. & earlier, holed stones, @ 36.00 each
a) ~45mm diameter
b) ~47x35mm sold
c) ~~50x43mm
d) ~64x42mm
e) ~53x48mm
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  " There is a close relationship between beads and holed stones (which may be their ancestral type) and the holed stones of the Gold Coast and Togo (Pl- 3, Fig- 3) have found their way into many currency collections.' These are pierced quartz disks, some 2 to 2½ inches (5 to 6-5 cm.) in diameter, and about 1 inch thick.  Suggestions for their use are: spindle whorls, digging-stick weights, loom weights, net sinkers, necklaces, arrow and implement sharpeners, fire-making apparatus, and sacred insignia.  But as they have been found in considerable numbers, one hoard under an old tree (Worobong, Kwahu district) containing hundreds if not thousands, they may be an early form of currency.
      There is less uncertainty about their modern use, which is as charms or amulets.  The natives believe that they have fallen from the sky, some regarding them as the female counterpart of the miniature stone implements or 'god axes ' of the same region (Wild, 1927, pp. i82-4; Man, I943, i[8).  The holed stones collected by Rattray in Togoland (now in the Pitt Rivers Museum) were placed in water and the water thus impregnated was used for washing and drinking, and stones were occasionally ground and the powder administered for medicinal purposes, just like that of ' aggry ' beads."

Quiggin, A. Hingston, A Survey of Primitive Money, 1949

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