ECUADOR, BOLIVAR Province, Chillanes region, c. 1200-1600,

ECH1) copper tweezers, 49mm long, 12mm wide, 3.6g, one leg has beginning of a split, F $65.00 sold 5/7/2010
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ECH2) copper "things": thick ring with narrow opening, sold to me as "nose rings" but I consider this unlikely,
a) 25mm wide, 22mm tall, 20mm thick, 68.8g, some gold plating visible under the patina, & there may be more gold in the alloy, $135.00 sold 11/27/2015
b) sim., 22mm wide, 21mm tall, 15mm thick, 33.5g, $85.00 sold 11/27/2015
c) sim., 18mm wide, 15mm tall, 8mm thick, 10g, $38.00 sold 11/27/2015
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