PAKISTAN, horse tack & ornaments

PBHT1) BAKTRIAN-SCYTHIAN, c. 800 BC-100 AD, bronze horse bits, made of pair of shafts with ~34mm rings on each end, from Bajawar,
 a) 152mm long, one terminal ring cracked, corroded, G $30.00 sold
 b) 170mm long, raised bosses on one side of shaft for decoration, F $75.00 sold
 c) 154mm long, one terminal ring cracked, corroded, G  $30.00 sold 1/7/2009
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P16) SCYTHIAN, c. 120 BC - 100 AD, bronze horse ornament, ~50mm dia, round, cast openwork, 2 tabs in back for insertion into leather, design is a horse curled in a circle, fancy border around, formerly with inset beads, from Gilgit, Northwest Frontier, corroded surface, VG $110.00 sold
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PHCO1) SHAHI, c. 750-1000 AD, pair of iron horse cheek ornaments, 223mm long, S-shaped, from Udigram, rusty & corroded, $63.00
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PBF1) SHAHI or GHAZNAVID, c. 800-1000 AD, iron horse bit, 2 links between 2 rings, 285mm total, from Udigram, nice, $125.00
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PST1) HEPHTHALITE-TURK?, c. 500 - 900 AD, pair of iron stirrups, 175x140mm, from Barikot, nice $220.00
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PKR32) ISLAMIC, c. 1100-1300, (could be earlier), bronze ring, 50mm dia., 7mm thick, round cross section, from Buner, nice patina, $9.00 sold
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PHT3) PAKISTAN, 17-19th c., pair of ornamental bronze horse bridle fittings, 34x43mm oval with 3 loops & foliar decoration, on top loop is attached another ornate loop with more foliar decoration, from Sind, bits of crust, VF $22.00
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PHT4) PAKISTAN, 18-early 20th c., pair of ornamental horse tack fittings, silver (plate?) with green, blue & orange cloisonne enamel, round, 34mm diameter, multilobed edge, floral & foliar motif, 2 loops on back, from Sind, VF $65.00
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