PAKISTAN, Northwest Frontier Province, short spear
I call them short spears, I don't know what other people call them.  They have thick blades of short or moderate length on thick and usually long tangs or handles, and were mounted on short poles.  Primarily for stabbing, one can imagine people going after horses with these.

PSSP4) BAKTRIAN, c. 1100-500 BC, bronze short handled spear, 460x52mm, 762g, 120mm leaf shaped blade on 220mm rhomboid shaft with thick tang, from Balochistan.  Bit of corrosion & light chipping, rough green patina, still much better than "OK," and very impressive, $300.00 sold 1/13/2014
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PSSP2) BAKTRIAN, c. 1100-300 BC, bronze short handled spear,  leaf shaped blade on very stout handle curved at butt to lock the hafts,   from Bajawar, 215x33mm, choice VF+ $210.00 sold 8/13/2007

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