CHINA, miscellaneous antique things,

277-22. CHINA, HAN?, c. 100 BC - 100 AD, bronze pipe stem?, 48mm long overall, an 18mm split tube "mouthpiece" attached to a 30x9x9 square prismatic "holder" made of a similarly formed sheet, each face decorated with some enigmatic incised decoration, split wall, otherwise F $36.00 sold
Click picture for enlargement.  Now I think this was a holder for brush bristles.

CBB2) CHINA, 22x14x15mm, shaped like a knuckle bone, supplier called it "bone money," then answered my suspicious query by revealing that yes, it was used in the game of knucklebones, an antique, pre-dice version of craps.  Some day I'll find the piece of paper with the transliteration of the Chinese name of the game.  Knucklebones was played all over the world way before Rome, and pictures of bronze bones show up in books discussing the earliest aes coinage of the Roman Republic.  These are Ming or Qing, c. 1400-1800.  VF $39.00 sold out as of 10/14/2014
Click picture for enlargement.

CBB3) CHINA, more bronze knucklebones, 29x19x21mm, VF @ $39.00 sold
Click picture for enlargement.

CBB4) CHINA, SONG-MING?, c. 1000-1600, iron knucklebone, 42.7g, 32x21x12mm, F $39.00 sold
Click picture for enlargement.

CHS4) CHINA, MING dynasty, c. 1400-1500, bronze scallop shell, 28x23x9mm, from Yunnan, patinated F $32.00 sold 6/8/2010
Click picture for enlargement.

CSH3) CHINA, 19th c., bronze scallop shell, 28x23x9mm, VF $16.00 sold 10/24/2012
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CHINA, SONG dynasty, c. 1000 AD, stone dice,  ~10mm square, some with traces of the traditional red paint on the 4, you don't get to choose, pair, F $40.00
Click picture for enlargement.

CHINA, Early 20th c?, 2-part bone item, put together they make a rectangular tube 92x9x8mm, on one face is a tranquil scene, on other is legend Dian Fen (Yunnan), Zhen Lao Bu Huan Xun Zhi Pin (Taoist practitioner Bu Huan Xun made (this), San Qian Ba Fen (3 chien 8 fen).  This was a container for a strip of bullion, probably gold, from Mr. Bu's jewelry shop.  Comes with another bone tally, pierced foliar decoration, 3 pcs, VF $35.00 sold
Click picture for enlargement.

CBPT1) CHINA, pointed bone implements, 109-151mm long, variously shaped in back of the points, the consensus seems to be that they are pottery tools.  I have no idea how old these are, but they do not look modern, 6 pcs, VF $48.00 sold
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