CAMBODIA, KHMER culture/kingdom, c. 500-1000 AD
    The Khmer people emerged as a distinct entity during the centuries after the fall of Funan (Phnom), which may or may not have been an ethnically Khmer kingdom.  The kingdom that built Angkor Wat began in the 9th century AD, fell, was reconstituted, endured until 1431 when it was overthrown by the Thais.  Critical to their power was the construction and maintenance of extensive irrigation works, built with religiously inspired mass mobilization of the populace.  No doubt Pol Pot was thinking of the glory of Angkor when he forced the mobilization of his country.  Unfortunately, for the Khmer Rouge, the means became the end.  Well, here's some Khmer stuff.  My supplier put the date range on them.  I don't know, myself.

CAMBODIA, KHMER?, c. 500-1000 AD, pair of gold plated silver rings like "keloh" of SE Asia & Indonesia, 22x16mm, 10.5g each, teardrop shaped, flared ends.  They came as "earrings," hard to figure as such.  Usually keloh are a mixture of tin, lead, & copper, or ordinary bronze.  Both broken at narrow end, one has been glued together, the pair $100.00
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CAMBODIA, KHMER?, c. 500-1000 AD, bronze spoon, bowl 97x65mm, tapered at end, 12mm deep, handle 160mm long, 11mm wide flared to 36mm at end, hat-like decoration there, handle broken in middle, F $45.00
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CAMBODIA, KHMER, c. 500-1000 AD, bronze bells, round & triangular with "basketwork" patterns, 26mm to 15mm dia., apparently all from the same workshop, 6 pieces, a few with flaws, one has small crack, average F/+ $120.00 sold
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