CHINA, "Hell" money
    Perhaps you are familiar with the modern imitation paper money burned in Chinese funerals.  At some of these functions miniature papier mache models of cars, TV sets, etc. are also burned as part of the proceedings.  These modern versions are survivals of practices that began thousands of years ago with the interment of real objects, animals, and even people at the funeral.
    These things are "Hell" money.  Seems reasonable to assume that the cowries are late Zhou, perhaps 300 BC, when they were using cowries and cowrie imitations for money.  The others were described to me as "Han dynasty or later."

CHINA, clay cowries, 3 different styles, VG-F @ $6.50 each sold 10/14/2009
Click image for enlargement. Several in stock.  Expect to get other specimens than these.

CHINA, ZHOU Dynasty, 1122-255 BC, ant-nose series, "Jun," H1.12, FD-5, clay, aVF $9.50 sold 6/7/2008
Click picture for enlargement.  Several in stock, you probably won't get this one.

CHINA, HAN Dynasty, c. 200 BC - 200 AD, clay funeral offerings.  I am advised that all of the following are from the general vicinity of Hangzhou:
CH2) clay cakes?
a) 38mm cross shape with floral design & 2 small holes, F-VF $18.00 sold
b) 38mm cross shape with floral design & 4 small holes, F-VF $18.00 sold
pics are examples, you will receive other specimens.
Click image for enlargement.

CH3) 32mm unglazed circular flat thing with slightly coin-amulet design on square base, not sure what it represents, chip on base, otherwise F $14.00 sold 1/7/2008
Click picture for enlargement.

CH4b1) glazed plate of food, avg. 50-60mm dia., round things in "sauce," from Hangzhou area, F-VF $24.00 sold
Click picture for enlargement.

CH4b2) another, F-VF $24.00 sold 6/5/2009
Click picture for enlargement.

CH4b3) another, F-VF $24.00 sold
Click picture for enlargement.

CH4b4) same, few chips around edge, F-VF $20.00 sold I have some more of these, now $70.00 7/18/2011
Click picture for enlargement.

CH4b5) sim., but crescent shaped "slices," edge chips, F-VF $22.00 sold 10/14/2009
Click picture for enlargement.

CH4b6) ~65mm, round, unglazed, possibly represents a plate of noodles, aVF @ $25.00 each "a" sold 10/14/2009
Click picture for enlargement.

CH9) CHINA, c. 300 BC-500 AD, clay Hell money, ~45mm round, represents a plate of food, F $25.00 sold 6/5/2009
Click picture for enlargement.

CHINA, rough clay lumps ~35mm diameter with 4 seal characters arranged in a square.  Supplier calls them "Ni Feng."  I believe they're seal impressions, token of attendance at the funeral or some such, F @ $15.00 each sold
Click image for enlargement.

CSY6) CHINA, 19th c., lead sycee, 126g, lump shaped with flat face, 3 characters, crude F $68.00
Click picture for enlargement.

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