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11/8/2007 - because of the unusual situations with both the bullion markets and the USA dollar exchange rate everything (Nov. 2008) you should consider ALL of my posted prices to be provisional.  There may be changes in any category.  This notice will be posted on a few other pages but not all.  But this is your official notice. (And today 8/9/2010 nothing has changed: everything is changing.)

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Seems a little strange to shove into the term "exonumia" those quintessential use items tokens, which are really private coins, medals, which are nothing other than round, metallic objets d'art, and round, metallic awards.  The basic predeliction is small, flat pieces of metal with designs on them, right?

Token & medal inventory

AUSTRALIA, 19th & 20th century tokens
AUSTRIA, tokens & medals
BELGIUM, medals sold
BRAZIL, medal sold
CANADIAN tokens & medals sold
CHILE, plastic and metal mining tokens
CHINA, mother of pearl game counters
CHINA, 19th century cast cash commodity tokens sold
CHINA, amulets, including old ones and specimens in silver, bone, etc.
CHINA, ancient clay "Hell" money
CHINA, tokens in metal and bone
CHINA, bamboo tokens, 1920s-30s
CHINA, medals sold
CHINA, fake silver dollars
CHINA, tourist coin sets, some very old
COLOMBIA, casino chips sold
CUBA, tokens & medals sold
CZECHOSLOVAKIA, tokens & medals
DENMARK, tokens & medals sold
ETHIOPIA, P.P. Trohalis token sold
FRANCE, jetons
FRANCE, medals
FRANCE, tokens, including military
RUSSIA, or should I say Germany?  Tokens from K√∂nigsberg & Tilsit
RUSSIA, or should I say Germany?  A 1723 ruble engraved with inscription about the capture of Berlin in 1760 sold
GERMANY, bread and wine tokens sold
GERMANY, jetons
GERMANY, encased postage sold
GERMANY, notgeld
GERMANY, medals
GERMANY, porcelain medals & tokens
GREENLAND, tokens sold
Countermarked coins from USA and France, including a Masonic
GREAT BRITAIN, gambling chips sold
GREAT BRITAIN, medal for abolition of the slave trade sold
GREAT BRITAIN, Heaton mint advertising medallets sold
GREECE, telephone token sold
INDIA, silver jewelers' copies of old rupees sold
INDIA, silver bullion bars
INDIA, religious tokens
INDIA, copper tola weight sold
INDONESIA, brass amulet
IRELAND, tokens
ISRAEL, tokens and medals
ITALY, tokens and medals
MEXICO, tokens & medals
MONACO, casino tokens sold
NETHERLANDS, jetons, tokens, medals
PERU, tokens & medals sold
POLAND, tokens & medals sold
PRISON chits & tokens
PUERTO RICO, Palma Escrita store tokens sold
RUSSIAN tokens
RUSSIAN medals
SARK ISLAND medal sold
SCOTLAND, tokens
SWEDEN, tokens & medals sold
TELEPHONE tokens of the world
THAILAND, porcelain gambling tokens
UGANDA, rare Italian colonial token sold
UKRAINE, medieval seals sold
USA, hard times tokens & countermarked coins sold
USA, Civil War tokens sold
USA, Civil War sutler token sold
USA love token engraved on brockage seated Liberty dime
USA, silly & joke tokens sold
USA, some "good fors," coal scrip, food stamp
USA, presidential inaugural medals sold
USA, elongated coins
USA, military tokens
USA, political
USA, scrip
USA, miscellaneous tokens & medals
USA, commemorative & award medals
USA, wooden nickels, etc.
USA, casino chips sold
URUGUAY, tokens & medals
VATICAN, medals sold
WALES, tokens

See faleristica section for medals that you pin to your clothes

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