CHINA, tourist sets. They have been making sets of coins for tourists since at least the 19th century and they are still making them today.  Sometimes they use genuine coins, sometimes not.  They've been collecting coins since BC, and have been making fakes for collectors as long ago as that. (Pictures not so nice, sorry.)

Very old cash set.  14 coins from Wu Zhu to Xian Fong, nothing scarce, on piece of thick handmade paper.  Maybe 100+ years old.  Paper is torn, coins average F $20.00 sold
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Cash set.  "TSING" Dynasty, 10 coins on printed card.  I doubt this is later than 1920s.  Card has faults, coins are OK $21.00 sold
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Modern tourist set of fanciful imitations of ancient coins in brass, 6 pcs in card, "knife" is broken $3.00 sold
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