Medals & tokens, everywhere I look in Europe there are/were medals and tokens.  In Poland there was a whole large series of military tokens in the 1920s.  Medals all over the place from the 17th century on.

PJT2) POLAND, 29mm silver, 12.1g, bust R, ELISAB CHRIST AVGVSTA CAROLI AVG, R below bust / crown on cushion, ELISABETHA QVARTA AVGVSTA, BROGOWNE PRIESENII A M URB COND, donative to empress, wife of Charles VI, mother of Maria Theresia, possible mount mark, F+ $70.00 sold
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POLAND, 78mm silver, roughly round imitating tree trunk, 198.6g (probably .900 fine), antiqued surface,  bishop annointing first duke / cross, TYSIAC LECIE CHRZTU POLSKI 966 1966, Polish Christian millennium, cased Unc $133.00 sold 5/4/2008
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