USA, political
    Political campaign badges have been part of the American electoral scene since George Washington.  Would be nice if there was a catalog, however incomplete.  Is there one?

USA, 29mm brass, holed for loop, bust L, GENERAL LEWIS CASS 1848 / allegorical figures, Democratic candidate for president, lost to Zachary Taylor, edge bumps, VG/aG $210.00 sold 6/25/2009
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USA, 88mm steel pinback, head 1/4 R, VOTE FOR WALLACE, paper overlay on an orange painted button, with 39mm gold anodized aluminum Mardi Gras doubloon style medal: bust L, GEORGE W. WALLACE ALABAMA'S FIGHTING GOVERNOR / eagle flying, "LET THE PEOPLE SPEAK" "STAND UP FOR AMERICA," button VG, XF $34.00
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