BELGIUM, medals
    Belgium is a little country but it struck a lot of medals from the 15th through the mid-20th century.  Medallic art is somewhat lost in the sauce of virtual reality these days, but in days of yore the things served as permanent reminders of events, kept in the drawer after the newspaper had been burned for kindling, etc.

BM1) BELGIUM, 32mm bronze, Abundance with cornucopia & cadeuceus, ship & buildings behind, L'EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE D'ANVERS 1894 / arms, olive sprays, WERELD TENTOONSTELLING VAN ANTWERPEN 1894, by A. Michaux, cleaned XF $12.50 sold 12/6/2007
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BM3) BELGIUM, 42mm silver plated plated base metal,  Archangel Michael with foot on Satan's head / GRAND HANDICAP D'HIVER C.R.B. 24-2-52, horse race (thanks J-L), by J.C. Chaplain, matte, nice, XF $16.00 sold
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