INDIA, religious tokens
    The general principles of religious tokens are that they can serve as handy offerings and as portable shrines.  You can conveniently buy them outside the temple and then take them inside to lay on the altar.  Priest can come along afterward and sell it back to the vendor.  Profit all around.  Or you can carry it around in your pocket, take it out anywhere, do your observance, put it back in your pocket.  In India they've been making them for thousands of years.  Today the round-flat coinoids are very popular gifts for birthdays, weddings, etc.  If you search the web for "Ganesh coins" or "Laxmi coins" you will find dozens of sites selling modern silver gift "coins."

Late 19th - early 20th century tokens
IRT9) INDIA, 27mm silver plated brass,  Rama & Sita seated on dais, attendants flanking, Hanuman below / Rama & Lakshmana standing, "1700" below, F $18.00
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IRT15) INDIA, 27mm silver washed brass, Rama & Sita seated on dais, attendants flanking / Hanuman with scepter & parasol running L, "405," VF $15.00
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IRT16) INDIA, 28mm silver washed brass, Guru Govind Singh seated facing with attendants / Guru seated, facing 1/2 L, falcon on stick, aVF $18.00 sold
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more Indian religious tokens
wholesale Indian religious tokens

silver temple / gift tokens, ND (1960s):
IST1a) INDIA, silver 38mm, 24.9g, Laxmi on lotus, swan & elephant / SRI, NR maker, reeded edge, XF 16.00 sold
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 b) sim., 36mm, 15g, SHH maker, XF $11.00 sold
 c) sim., 32mm, 10g, XF $15.00 sold 7/3/2012
 d) sim., 32mm, 10g, no maker mark, XF $10.00 sold
 e) sim., 24mm, 5.7g, NR maker, cleaned XF $6.50 sold 8/5/2008

IST2) INDIA, silver 32mm, 10g, Laxmi, Ganesh, Parvati / SRI, BT maker, XF $10.00 sold
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IST3) INDIA, silver 25mm, 5g, Siva / SRI, SN maker, XF $7.00 sold
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IST4) INDIA, silver 25mm, 5g, Parvati / SRI, SN maker, XF $7.00 sold
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IST5) INDIA, silver 25mm, 5g, Sai Baba / OM, SN maker, XF $9.00 sold

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