USA, 2 cents 1865 c/s Masonic symbol (G) VG on fair 57.00

USA?, French ecu 1791-I c/s MCDONALD obv., VF on aF 40.00 sold

-As you can see, and a bunch of little "D"s both sides of 1841 cent.  I'm reasonably certain that the countermarks are old.  Coin is  F 24.00 sold

-That's an 1867 5ยข, one could theorize that this might actually have been used as a token.  Coin is G/VG 17.50

-3 "F"s on 1935 nickel. F 9.00 sold

-B, M obverse / EWH and 6 reverse on 1918 French franc.  Now where have I seen EWH before? Note the big edge nick reverse, VF 9.00

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