GERMANY, notgeld
    In the period 1917-21 there were coin shortages in Germany.  Seems hard to believe, as many of the minor coins of those dates are common in circulated condition.  Nevertheless, it was true.  Local agencies made their own tokens for their own use.  There are thousands of types and varieties in metal, paper, and other materials.  For some reason certain streetcar tokens are included in the major catalogs of the metal tokens.  Many people like to use an unavailable catalog by Lamb.

Streetcar tokens of artificial leather (Upton thought these were cardboard or wood):
GERMANY, HALLE, 10 pfennig U4-2 ND (1921) Unc $55.00 sold
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GERMANY, HAMELN, 22mm brass plated zinc, ND (1920s?), logo, KRAFT - VERKEHRSGESELLSCHAFT HAMELN MBH / same, VF $12.00
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GERMANY, LEIPZIG, 20 pfennig U4-1 ND AU $55.00 sold 1/10/2008
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GERMANY, RUHR u RHEIN, 50 million mark U2-3, 1923 naked guy / DEUTSCHES VOLKS-OPFER..., brass, corrosion, VF $36.00 sold 7/28/2010
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