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A vast field covering collectible items related to both human mayhem and human construction, with an emphasis on the doodads awarded for recognized efforts in those fields.  Regarding the political & religious stuff the emphasis is similarly on the kinds of things one might wear: medals, badges, and so forth.


Abbreviations found on British military medals, by R.A. Fikentscher
My important personal opinion of militaria collecting
Introduction to faleristics (badges)
Militaria inventory

AUSTRIA, medals sold
AUSTRIA, World War I propaganda postcard
BELGIUM, civil medals & badges
BRUNEI, Gurkha Guards medals sold
CANADA, medals
CHINA, ancient bronze crossbow mechanisms
CHINA, ancient bronze halberds
CHINA, ancient bronze armor scales
CHINA, ancient bronze spearheads
CHINA, ancient battle axe
CHINA, ancient bronze daggers & swords
CHINA, Order of Victory, 1945 sold
CZECHOSLOVAKIA, medals & badges
CZECHOSLOVAKIA, military headgear, and coats 1960s-70s
DENMARK, beer medals
ECUADOR, precolumbian copper shield boss
ESTONIA, military photos & postcards
ETHIOPIA, Imperial medals of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I sold
FRANCE, medals & badges
FRANCE, American made WWII propaganda matchbook: instructions on how to derail trains! sold
GERMAN EMPIRE and states, WWI & earlier
GERMANY, "Hindenburg" medals
GERMANY, Nazi medals
GERMANY, Nazi festival badges sold
GERMANY, World War II miscellaneous objects
GERMANY, Nazi documents
GERMANY, World War II military postcards
GERMANY, Nazi propaganda books & magazines sold
GREAT BRITAIN, gun flints from wreck of the Earl of Abergavenny (1805)
GREAT BRITAIN, medals of Queen Victoria
GREAT BRITAIN, Great War (World War I) medals
GREAT BRITAIN, service & campaign medals of George V
GREAT BRITAIN, General Service medals of George VI sold
GREAT BRITAIN, more General Service medals of George VI sold
GREAT BRITAIN, various medals of George VI
GREAT BRITAIN, Campaign Service medals of Elizabeth II
GREAT BRITAIN, various other medals (MBE badge, LSGC, etc.)
GREAT BRITAIN, insignia, etc.
INDIA, various medals
INDONESIA, Bronze Age bronze axes
INDONESIA, kris knives
IRELAND, IRA badge (maybe actually has something to do with the IRA, but I doubt it) sold
JAPAN, medals (and Manchukuo)
MONGOLIAN medals sold
NEPAL, Gurkha medal bar sold
PAKISTAN, various medals
POLAND, medals, badges, photos, documents, etc.
RHODESIA, medal sold
ROMANIA, medal
RUSSIA, Imperial medals, coat buttons, badges, etc. sold
RUSSIA, Imperial military photos, etc. sold
RUSSIA, Soviet orders
RUSSIA, Soviet medals
RUSSIA, Soviet award groups sold
RUSSIA, USSR Army officer's hats
RUSSIA, military papers, propaganda, etc. sold
RUSSIA, civic and labor awards
RUSSIA, modern medals of the Russian Federation
RUSSIA, Soviet "alternative" (fantasy) medals
RUSSIA, CHECHEN rebel army cap badges sold
SERBIA, Order of Takovo sold
SINGAPORE, Independence medal sold
USA, Civil War bullets from Central Virginia & a Union button
USA, more antique bullets
USA, medals & insignia
USA, military gear
USA, military documents
USA, Sad Sack book published 1944 sold
USA, veterans' badges
USA, badge lot
USA, hat badge & button lot
USA, Eisenhower's message to the troops before D-Day sold
USA, Vietnam era army helmet sold
USA, psyops
USA, military postcards
USA, medals & badges of fraternal organizations
USA, commerical badges, charms, etc.
USA, political badges, etc.
USA, religious medals

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