INDIA, bullion coins & bars
    Hoarding has been a popular hobby in India since civilization began.  Gold and precious stones are preferred, but silver will do.  The demand has been satisfied by a multitude of smelters and jewelers, who produce jewelry and ingots for retail sale.  The ingots come in various shapes, including the normal bars and "coinoids."

.999 silver bars
ISB1) INDIA, silver 25 tolas, 9.36 ozT, rev.: radiant map on India, MESSERS MANILAL CHIMANLAL & Co. BOMBAY/ building, GATEWAY OF INDIA..., B-X34, XF $120.00 sold 10/2/2008
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ISB2) 10 tolas, 3.745 ozT, ND (1960s), similar obverse / blank reverse, B-X33, XF $48.00 sold

ISB3) INDIA, silver 1.607 ozT, logo, floral panels, NARRONDAS MANORDASS... 50 GRAMS... / similar in Hindi, ND (1960s), XF $41.00 sold
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