Do you think perhaps that the 19th century was the golden age, so to speak, of medallic art?  I don't know.  They did like to put a fine finish on the things.  And they were all very carefully gridded out and balanced.  Its interesting to see how a lot of coins in high enlargement reveal themselves as not quite perfectly aligned.  But the European medals of the 19th century are very architectural - almost perfect.

SWEDEN, 69mm silver, 165g, busts king Oscar & queen Sophia in cartouches, MDCCCLVII VI JUNII MDCCCLXXXII / Neptune stg facing on dolphin, SOCIETAS NEPTUN. ...NUPT. XXV CELBRANTIBUS..., silver anniversary, by Lea Ahlborn, edge nick, AU-Unc $123.00 sold 7/19/07
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