Scotland is another country forcibly incorporated in the British scheme starting about 1000 years ago.  The embers of nationalism never died and have sprouted anew in recent years.  Coins & tokens have followed the British model, with time out for a few centuries of local inflation.

SCOTLAND,  KIRCUDBRIGHTSHIRE, 1/2 penny, DH-1, 1793, griffin crest, GATEHOUSE HALFPENNY / building, PAYABLE AT THE HOUSE OF THOs SCOTT, plain edge, VF $24.00 sold
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276-1251. SCOTLAND, 20mm square tin communion token, CAMPBELLTOWN PARISH 1823, F $27.00
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276-1252. SCOTLAND, 27x18 mm octagonal tin communion token, PARISH OF CAMPBELTOWN 1870 FIRST CHARGE / blank, VF $28.00 sold 9/21/2010
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