USA, Good fors, etc.

-Phillips Packing Co, Cambridge, MD, 30mm, VF 9.00

-The Fair, Webster, SD, 25mm, VF 5.00

-Dahl & Penne, Portland, OR.  A saloon (and soft drink parlor during Prohibition) 1914-1946 (thanks to Vango for attribution), VF 4.00 sold

-Yocum Creek Coal Co, Evarts, KY, 20mm, spotty AU 5.00 sold

-Phillips Packing Co, Cambridge, MD, 20mm Aluminum, VF 4.50

-Henry Terrill & Sons, 21mm Aluminum, F+ 3.00 sold

-Grand Union, Food Stamp 25¢, 27mm Aluminum, VF 4.00

USA, ILLINOIS, Chicago, 31mm brass, bust 1/4 R, MORRIS B. SACHS "CREDIT WITH A SMILE” / horseshoe, ... $2oo ..., 1920s, Unc 33.00
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