There is a large series of Argentine tokens used in the 19th and 20th centuries.  Categories include estate, transit, telephone, store, advertising.  The available references are very incomplete.  "R" refers to Rulau's Latin American Tokens.

ARG-LE10-1) ARGENTINA, 23mm brass, R-nl, LE in circle / 10 in open chain of elongated hexagons,  LE is undoubtedly = La Estancia, c. 1890-1920, acquired in Buenos Aires, XF $5.00 this one sold, I have another, only cleaned, for $4.00
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ARG-LES10-3) ARGENTINA, 39mm brass, R-nl, 10 in circle of elongated hexagons / LA ESTANCIA & serial number stamped incuse in circle of stars, EQUE BARES at rim, c. 1890-1920, acquired in Buenos Aires, VF $10.00
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