Here in America we call them chips.  They call them marks too.  This page could actually get quite large, because evidently people gamble everywhere, and in many places they seem to have made special "money substitutes" to play with.  At the family reunion at the beach every year we used matches last year.  Somewhere I have some 19th c. British game counters, and there is that page of 18th century mother of pearl pieces (see below).  For the moment, these will do to start.

GREAT BRITAIN, old celluloid/bakelite/plastic gambling chips, 1920s-50s, most with something printed on them, numbers, monograms, etc., about 8-10 different, VG-VF, 10 pcs mixed $5.75 sold 9/3/2007
Click picture for enlargement.

(LONDON), Windmill Casino, plastic chips of 1960s gaming establishment, variously colored, 44-114mm, no date, a windmill, serial # / value (£20, 10, 5, 20/-, 10/-, 5/-, 2/6, correspondence with Coincraft, which offered them in 1997, produced no further information, 7 pcs, 1 has countermark, VF-XF $33.00 sold

See 18th c. mother of pearl game counters, back in stock after several years
Porcelain gambling tokens from Thailand

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