USA, military tokens
    I don't know when the American armed forces started using tokens and scrip, but it was before the Civil War.  They were still using them in Vietnam.  Today they are using cardboard "coins" to give change in out of the way places like downtown Baghdad.  I am keen to acquire these current issue military chits.  Several people have offered to send me some, but none have actually delivered.  If you have any please advise.

GERMANY, 24mm zinc, ANTI TANK 26th INF. / stein, GOOD FOR ONE SHORT BEER, 1940s-50s, VF $35.00 sold
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ETHIOPIA, 21mm brass, Ethiopian lion R, L'AMERICAN CLUB & same in Amharic / 5¢. Gill-Tk7, US military "Service Club," Addis Ababa, 1950s-60s, XF-AU, bit spotty $55.00 sold
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HAWAII, Hickam Air Base, 5, 10, 25, 50¢ & dollar, arms / NCO OPEN MESS HICKAM AFB, some with spots, VF-Unc set $36.00
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