FRANCE, medals
    The French mint has had a habit of restriking their medals, and private makers have followed suit.  Usually, but not always, a restrike can be determined by looking on the edge, where might be found the privy mark of the mint director under whose auspices it was struck.  Later director means restrike.  All of these will be originals unless mentioned.

FM1) FRANCE, 40mm bronze, allegory of the Constitution, A PARIS LE 14 JUILLET 1790. / CONFEDERATION DES FRANCAIS, first anniversary of storming of Bastille, crude edge, F $63.00
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FM4) FRANCE, 35mm yellow bronze, 2 sets of conjoined busts face each other, FRANCISCVS I * NAPOLEON I M LVDOVICA M LVDOV / woman seated with giant cornucopiae, CONCORDIA on ribbon above, MDCCCX in ex., by Stuckhart, restrike, probably at Beaumont-le-Roger, 1950s, edge bumps, XF $21.00
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FM5) FRANCE, 52mm bronze,  bust R, CLOTAIRE II ROI DE FRANCE / legend detailing his life, by Claque, 1840, some kind of old (relatively speaking) restrike, couple of light edge bumps, cleaned XF $18.00 sold 12/13/2008
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FM6) FRANCE, 68mm bronze, bust 1/4 R, JEAN-BAPTISTE . CARPEUX . 1827-1875 / sculpture: "the Dance" in Paris Opera, by Lindauer at the Paris mint, looks original late 19th c., 1 nick on rev. you won't like, otherwise excellent AU $63.00 sold 5/17/2010
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FM7) FRANCE, 54mm bronze, sinking ship & drowning baby, LUSITANIA MAY 7 1915 / Statue of Liberty with sword rising from waves, VLTRIX AMERICA JVRIS 1917 USA 1918, by Baudichon, Paris mint, few tiny marks & edge nicks, AU $325.00 sold
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FM8) FRANCE, 50mm bronze, conjoined busts R, WASHINGTON LAFAYETTE / view of Vincennes, EXPOSITION COLONIALE INTERNATIONALE PARIS 1931, by Delanney, AU-Unc $125.00 sold 6/22/2010
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