This is a fairly coherent class of objects.  The two general categories are 1) never has been & never will be, and 2) maybe we can get this idea off the ground.  The second category fades into political pretender coins and other "if only" demonstrations from at least as far back as the 19th century.  For that matter, can we pretend that some of those issues of insurgent generals of the Roman civil wars could go in this category?  But then again, why should we do that when we can call them "real" coins and then they sell higher?

MINERVA, 35 dollars, B-X1, 1973, silver & gold, proof in deteriorated original plastic case $93.00 (judicious attention can safely remove those flyspecks and cloudy zones)
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    Minerva was an attempt to create a new country on some unoccupied tiny islands in the south Pacific.  Before anything got going the king of Tonga sent some soldiers to annex the land and evict the "settlers."

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