Indeed there have been tokens used in Israel, and in British Palestine as well.  As for medals, there have been a lot of them since independence.  Most of them are "who cares" items, some nice looking, but I've never met anyone who collects them.  If you do please let me know.  I'll start a list.  When I get those medals in gold and silver I sell them for a few dollars above melt.

ISRAEL, Somerfin Shipping Co. (Haifa), plastic tokens, supposedly for purchase of food on the Sabbath on the cruise ship Somerfin.  See Hafner p. 360, ND (1959-60).  These would be prutot in 1959, agorot in 1960.  The ship evidently still exists, but has been sold.  It seems reasonable to assume that there is a complete denomination set in each color, but what you see is what I have.  And I do not know the sequence of the colors, if any.  Reverses are blank.  All are AU-Unc.
- any green $2.00
- set of all 4 green $5.00
- any other color $3.00
- set of 6 red-yellow-blue $15.00
- "complete" set of 10 $18.00 sold
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273-1284. ISRAEL, 49mm silver, 46.6g, ND (1972), candlestick, ribbon, ISRAEL'S 25TH ANNIVERSARY (in English) / zodiac, edge: STATE OF ISRAEL STERLING 935 in English & Hebrew, ser. #, matte, antiqued Unc $65.00 sold 7/27/2012
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