AUSTRIA, tokens & medals
    Austria is right next to Germany and they speak German they have a somewhat different exonumismatic profile - a lot fewer tokens, jetons, medals.  Might this be due to Austria's long history of centralized government?  Surely there are some psychological aspects at play.

PJT2) HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, 25mm silver, 4.06g, crown above legend: CAROLUS VI ROM IMPER S A GER HISPAN HUNG BOH REX A AUS CORONATUS POSON 22 MAY 1712 / globe in clouds, CONSTANTIA ET FORTITUDINE.  Poson is Bratislava in Hungarian. VF $55.00 sold 8/26/2012
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AJ1) AUSTRIA, AE28 jeton, 1757 radiant Virgin & Child in clouds, S MARIA CELLENSIS IN STYRIA / VI SECULUM CELEBRATUM MDCCLVII, 600th anniversary of Mariazell cathedral, AU $100.00
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