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     Veterans have been getting together for mutual aid and comfort since people started making armies.  In addition to the service and self-help business there has always been a bit of a good-old-days/bad-old-days component, with a tendency to continue some of the trappings of service life, among which: badges and medals.

2711068. USA, 37mm white metal, holed as made, 1891 GAR star / arms supported by stags, GAR DETROIT 1891, F $25.00 sold 12/9/2008
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273-1324. USA, AE35, looped, ND (1902), bust 1/2 L, DEPARTMENT COMMANDER CHARLES . A. ORR. / monument, 36TH ANNUAL ENCAMPMENT DEPARTMENT OF NEW YORK G.A.R., won Medal of Honor, XF $125.00 sold 7/25/2011
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USAV1) USA, 32mm steel pinback: woman with trumpet flying R, SOUVENIR, with silk ribbon: SOUVENIR, ARMISTICE DAY CELEBRATION NOV. 11, c. 1920, & 38mm steel pinback: a bean, THE RAINBOW COMES DOWN IN LIMA, OHIO, on ribbon, 30TH ANNUAL ENCAMPMENT DEPT. OF OHIO LADIES OF G.A.R. JUNE 16-20 1919, DELEGATE on hanger, Women's Veteran Relief Union medal, c. 1920, 3 pcs VF $55.00
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