USA, religious (and politico-religious) medals & badges

USA, OHIO, Cincinnati, 39mm aluminum, looped, church, ST. GEORGIUS KIRCHE / ZUM ANDEKEN AN DAS SILBERNE JUBILAUM DER ST. GEORGIUS GEMEINDE CORRYVILLE 1893, unusual German community church medal, 25th anniversary of founding, XF-AU $65.00
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USA, brass crucifix 55x34mm, SHRINE OF THE LITTLE FLOWER ROYAL OAK, MICH., church of the notorious Father Coughlin, 1930s, AU $45.00
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    Father Coughlin was one of those interesting and scary guys who offered a cogent critique of elitism combined with strains of racism that undermined the egalitarian message.  Perhaps Lyndon Larouche would be a close contemporary analog.  It has become something of a truism these days that politcal ideology is not arranged on a spectrum ranging from "left" to "right" but rather a circle in which right and left meet at two arbitrary points we could designate as totalitarian and libertarian.  Face one way and you're left, face the other way and you're right.  But English is a funny language.  Whichever side of an issue you're on you think you're right, right?  Do we have the right to think that way?  What difference does it make?  We do it anyway.

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